Multi-sector Expert Witness services, worldwide.

SteegeXP offers highly qualified and experienced Technical Consultants and Expert Witnesses across a wide range of disciplines across the marine and offshore sector.

We recognise and understand our role and duties to the Courts, Arbitrations and alternate  dispute resolution forums. To fulfil these obligations our experts are  not only of high technical capability, but also exhibit   a strong work ethic,  and the necessary qualities of integrity, impartiality and objectivity.

All technical opinions are provided within a framework of guidelines and peer reviewed to ensure that the high standards are at the forefront.


Marine Casualty Investigation

Marine casualties occur on a daily basis and whilst they do not always result in litigation, we are often called upon to provide technical advice and guidance as part of emergency response. A marine casualty may involve anything from a loss of propulsion, stability issue, loss/damage to cargoes, grounding, collision, fire, and many more.

The in-person response of attending marine casualties gives our Expert Witnesses the background and opportunity to collect, preserve evidence and then analyse data to formulate their expert opinions on causation. This forensic investigation is supported by a range of technical capabilities such as ship simulations, VDR playback, and structural and fluid computations.

Our Master Mariners and Naval Architects are very experienced in marine casualty investigation, salvage and wreck removal as well as providing Expert Witness evidence in Courts and Arbitrations.

Naval Architecture

All marine assets, fixed or floating, start their life cycle on the naval architects’ drawing board. When engaged in the design and construction of a marine asset it is essential that the naval architect has a full understanding of the functional requirements together with the environment in which that asset operates.

When an asset suffers structural failure, stability or hydrodynamic issues or damages, it is the naval architect who is required to assess the potential consequences, evaluate the proposed solutions in a timely manner and then, perform a detailed analysis into the root cause of the failure.

Our Naval Architects are highly experienced in this role, with the ability to make in-depth technical analysis and to articulate their findings and provide their opinions as Expert Witnesses.

Construction and Installation

Our capabilities in construction and installation through our Naval Architects, Civil and Mechanical Engineers and Quantity Surveyors extend across a wide range of assets; from marine assets to onshore civil engineering.

Our capabilities extend throughout the full life cycle of the asset from design, construction, commission, installation and operation and finally decommissioning. Our wealth of operational knowledge and experience enables us to find root cause failures and understand why things went wrong, be it through design, construction or operation, or a combination of all three.

Insurance Claims Specialists

With chartered Insurance, Loss Adjusters and Average Adjusters, SteegeXp are well positioned to assist in insurance recovery and/or coverage disputes, providing insight to market practice. Many of our Adjusters have experience in providing Expert Witness evidence in Courts and Arbitrations.


With chartered Quantity Surveyors, our quantum capabilities in construction and installation extend across a wide range of marine assets through to onshore civil engineering and general construction. We have experience in providing Expert Witness evidence in Courts and Arbitrations.


  • Master Mariner
  • Naval Architecture
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Dredging Engineer
  • Petrochemical
  • Metallurgist
  • Quantity Surveyor

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