Sylvia Margaretta

Sylvia Margaretta

Civil Engineer


Sylvia is an experienced Civil Engineer specialising in the design, construction and repair of port and terminal structures.

Having started her engineering career in the design, construction and repair of port facilities, she then progressed into the structural design of facilities for oil & gas refineries. These projects required specialist knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the stringent regulatory framework and operational safety standards, under which these facilities operate.

Specific industrial experience includes repairs to port and terminal structures, including jetties and their associated systems such as fenders, bollards, mooring machinery, cargo handling systems such as Marine Loading Arms (MLAs), cranes and conveyor systems. 

Sylvia also has extensive experience in evaluating the environmental aspects of port and terminal infrastructures, such as drainage and soil slope; this also includes mooring systems for FPSOs, SBMs, and similar offshore structures.

Sylvia’s specific design and construction experience includes the Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper jetty. The total annual production of this company’s facilities in 2019 was 3 million tonnes of pulp. The design and construction of the coal jetty for material supply to the PLTU Lombok coal-fired power plant. This project required the terminal to receive large bulk carriers and address concerns regarding the strong currents and the significant rise and fall of tide.

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